Doc Springer's Master Guide for Mental Wellness


- Short videos with key insights based on Dr. Shauna Springer's work

- Summaries of take-home points for each chapter in her book WARRIOR

- Question sets that challenge conventional thinking about healing and growth

- Unique exercises found nowhere else, and

- Action steps warriors can take (if they choose) to confront the challenges they face.


Doc Springer's MASTER GUIDE FOR MENTAL WELLNESS is designed to be educational in nature. It is not interactive. It is sold with the understanding that Dr. Shauna Springer is not rendering psychological services on an individual basis, nor making tailored recommendations for any of the individuals who may access these materials. 

Doc Springer's MASTER GUIDE FOR MENTAL WELLNESS is designed to share a wide range of insights and strategies with the understanding that this offering is not a replacement for therapy with a licensed professional. 

Growth is based on personal choice and those who participate in this journey will receive benefit from it in direct association with their investment in positive, growth-producing activity.

Dr. Shauna Springer guarantees this: those who engage in this offering with an open mind will learn new ways to see the challenges before them and will grow in positive ways to the extent that they make wise and well supported choices. 

If counseling is needed, the services of a culturally competent professional should be sought. Dr. Springer's guide includes a comprehensive list of mental health resources for this reason. 

Most individuals complete the guided experience within 3 months. Access to this guide will be made available for 1 year (12 months) from the date of first purchase. This access should be not be made available to anyone other than the purchaser, with the exception of a partner or spouse who resides with the purchaser. 

Sharing or reproducing materials within the guide without the written permission of Dr. Shauna Springer is a violation of copyright law.

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