WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us


"If you've ever been pinned down in the killzone, you've felt the internal collision of rage, helplessness and frustration.  Now remember the feeling that wells up in you on hearing the distinctive sound of attack helicopters inbound. That is Shauna Springer - she is the only civilian psychologist equipped to pull struggling warriors into the light with tenacity and teamwork, not condescension or coddling. Doc Springer is here to do the work, and in WARRIOR she gets it done."

- Dan Jernigan, Marine Corps Officer

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BEYOND THE MILITARY: A Leader's Handbook  for Warrior Reintegration

(Jason Roncoroni and Dr. Shauna Springer)


"I would encourage every separating service member to read and understand "A Leader's Handbook for Warrior Reintegration" for the unique message of planning your own separation. Having known Jason for more than a decade, serving with him in combat and since his retirement, this book is a clear demonstration of his 'purpose' to help others. I believe separating service members can do so better following the deliberate process Jason and Dr. Springer outline. Well done."

- Major General William Gayler, US Army (Ret)

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RELENTLESS COURAGE: Winning the Battle Against Frontline Trauma with Sgt. (Ret) Michael Sugrue


Coming Spring 2022!


With deep respect and unrivaled skill, RELENTLESS COURAGE exposes the human toll of first responder trauma and delivers insights that will save countless lives and change our collective view of those who protect and defend us.



“We don’t have to sacrifice our heroes to atone for our cultural failings. We don’t move forward by denying our wounds. In RELENTLESS COURAGE, we are allowed to bear witness to the trauma our first responders carry in our name. I recommend that if you live in America, you should prioritize this book.”

Magnus Johnson, Former Green Beret and Founder of Mission 22


“From the first words, I was all in. The story went straight to my core. As I write this the tears are welling up because I am so happy and thankful that Doc Springer and Michael Sugrue wrote this book for us.”

 Lt. Shelly James, Walnut Creek Police Department, Retired


RELENTLESS COURAGE is unbelievably brave - every American needs to hear this story! Doc Springer and Michael Sugrue have moved the officer wellness conversation a decade into the future.”

Chris Littrell, Police Officer, Police1 Columnist, host of the Gravity Podcast